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parts for AMI models G200 H200 H120 I200 H200M I200

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Keyboard Credit Window (Blue)
AMI Model H keyboard credit window ( single lamp type) "select" printed on plastic 
Ex Tax: £5.00
AMi Turntable Idler Wheel models G/H/I/J
Turntable Idler Wheel for AMi models G - J and sometimes even the odd model K - Continental if someone has been a-messin. NOT for Juniors model J40
Ex Tax: £18.50
Turntable Decor Plate
Turntable Decor Plate. Gold / Silver pattern printed on to metal
Ex Tax: £20.00
Turntable Decor Plate-blue/silver-
AMi Turntable Decor Plate metal printed blue/silver
Ex Tax: £20.00
Rubber Tyre for AMI idler wheel models G/H/I/J
Rubber Tyre for AMI Turntable idler wheel Models G, H , I , J
Ex Tax: £5.80
 Grommets for AMI Turntable Motor
Set of 3 rubber grommets that isolate the turntable motor noise in the models, G , H, I , J ,K The motor hangs from them under the mounting plate. Not for Continentals and some K's that do not have a motor mounting plate
Ex Tax: £5.00
Needle cleaning brush holder models H and I
Needle cleaning brush holder for Ami models H and i
Ex Tax: £5.00
Needle cleaning brush holder
Needle cleaning brush holder for Ami models G / J / K / Continental / AMi Lyrics.
Ex Tax: £5.00
Rubber Collar for AMi Scan Switch
Rubber Collar for Scan Switch - Gives grip on metal shaft of scan control for scan off switch - Models G - J + some early K models
Ex Tax: £4.50
AMI I - V Decal Set
AMI I - V Decal Set, waterslide decals, multicoloured as original, for both sides of the cabinet.
Ex Tax: £40.00

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