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Parts for AMi models J and K

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AMi spring for tone arm
Ami tonearm spring models F G H I J K Continental. This is the stylus pressure spring which alters the record playing weight.
Ex Tax: £7.00
Letter / Number decal for Titlestrip Holders 200 selections
Letter / Number decal for Titlestrip Holders of AMI models - H / I / J/ K 200 selections
Ex Tax: £10.00
Rubber Channel (Black) by the metre
Chunky Black Rubber Channel suits glass 5-6mm. Height  of sides 10mm - used to protect glass edges from chipping against the metal hood frames in jukeboxes like: AMi models H, I, J, K - Rockola Tempo 1, Tempo 2, Regis, Empress models. Useful for AMI top valence in H and I models -  if original gasket is missing Can be trimmed. Sold by the metre
Ex Tax: £4.80
Letters / numbers decal for titlestrip holders 100 selections
AMI  Letters and numbers decal for titlestrip holders 100 selections MODELS H, I , J , K , 50 records = 100 selections
Ex Tax: £10.00
Mono Screened Cable - back in stock-
Mono Screened Cable ideal for Record Tone Arms, extremely light weight and flexible Price is per metre. 
Ex Tax: £3.00
AMI Turntable motor mounting spacers (set of 3)
AMI Turntable motor mounting spacers - these are fitted inside the motor grommets that the motor is suspended from - as essential as the grommets themselves ! Often missing and if the motor is serviced with the correct grommets fitted along with these spacers then motor hum is almost eliminated. They will also,if used with the correct screws, prevent the screws damaging the motor coils. Models G/H/I/J
Ex Tax: £3.80
Tension Spring for idler wheel AMI
Spring for AMI idler wheels, prvides tension between idler and motor shaft
Ex Tax: £1.30
Black Loudspeaker Grill Cloth
Loudspeaker Grill Cloth - Black - Acoustically transparent - Piece size is 35" x 60"
Ex Tax: £10.00
Magnetic pick up Modified for Ami
Super robust replacement pick up cartridge modified to fit directly into the tone arm of models Ami G / H / I / J / K / Continental 1 and 2 Mono models use the pick up connectors listed to bridge the outputs for mono  NEVER solder direct on to the pins of the cartridge ALWAYS use push on tags or you will destroy the frequency response 
Ex Tax: £55.00
Rubber Channel for glass
Rubber Channel for glass - U Profile 3mm flexible grey rubber - Sold by the METRE
Ex Tax: £4.50

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