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F-3714 Tension Spring They fit between the left and right Red Stepping Wheels F-3505, F-3506 to the Spring Retaining Bracket F-3514. Return springs for the Red stepping wheels in the Pulse Convertor
Ex Tax: £7.25
Control Knob
Black bakelite body, white line marker,internal metal insert with grub screw.  size 33.4mm pointer.  6.4mm shaft hole for 1/4 inch shafts
Ex Tax: £0.55
RCA phono plug, metal body gold contacts
Ex Tax: £6.00
USA style socket, chassis mount
Chassis mount 2 pin USA socket for jukeboxes To mount on AMI etc power supplys the existing hole will need to be enlarged slightly.
Ex Tax: £4.50
Magnetic pick up Modified for Ami (Limited stock)
Super robust replacement pick up cartridge modified to fit directly into the tone arm of models Ami G / H / I / J / K / Continental 1 and 2 Mono models use the pick up connectors listed to bridge the outputs for mono  NEVER solder direct on to the pins of the cartridge ALWAYS use push on tags or you will destroy the frequency response  NO Longer Made
Ex Tax: £65.00
Rubber Channel for glass
Rubber Channel for glass - U Profile 3mm flexible grey rubber - Sold by the METRE
Ex Tax: £4.50
Rubber Channel for glass 5mm
Rubber Channel for glass - grey flexible rubber 5mm - sold by the METRE
Ex Tax: £4.50
Ami turntable ring mat
Black 'velvet' Turntable ring mat AMI, BAL-AMI and Jensen/IMA-AMI jukeboxes this outer black velvet ring, self adhesive, is an ideal replacement on the raised section of the turntable - kind to your records - Inner size: 142 mm, outer size: 160 mm Picture is demonstration only does not include turntable or decor disc
Ex Tax: £14.00
Black Loudspeaker Grill Cloth large piece
Loudspeaker Grill Cloth - Black - Acoustically transparent - Stretchable - APPROXIMATE Dimensions : 1.8m x 1.0m  
Ex Tax: £21.00
End of Record Trip Switch AMI and some Wurlitzer non rotary type (these work)
A very light action End of Record Trip Switch. Suitable for AMI from G200 - Continental and some sixties American Wurlitzers (not German types) Note Actuating wire is too long and will need cutting to length required.
Ex Tax: £15.50
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