1438 and models until 1465

Parts for Rock-Ola 1438 and models until 1465

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Control Knob
Black bakelite body, white line marker,internal metal insert with grub screw.  size 33.4mm pointer.  6.4mm shaft hole for 1/4 inch shafts
Ex Tax: £0.55
Turntable Motor Mount Grommets needed on ALL Rock Ola models
Special Cone Shape Turntable Motor Mount Grommets three needed on ALL Rock Ola models -NOTE please fit with the cone shape facing up !! I have been informed that these grommets also fit a Thorens TD124 turntable. Also fit the AMI model A Price is per set of 3
Ex Tax: £2.90
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Tonearm Grommets
Tonearm Grommets for Rock Ola models 1438 - 418 Sold as a Pair
Ex Tax: £1.00
Brass Spacers for rock Ola turntable motors
Brass Spacers used in conjunction with the turntable motor mount Grommets. These are needed, if missing, to give the correct positioning to the turntable motor but only on motors with screw fixing - not circlip fixing type Set of Three
Ex Tax: £4.00
Mono Screened Cable - back in stock-
Mono Screened Cable ideal for Record Tone Arms, extremely light weight and flexible Price is per metre. 
Ex Tax: £3.00
Rock-Ola 'Double' Turntable Idler Wheel
Turntable Idler Wheel - The Double Type for Rock Ola Models 1438 - 1454
Ex Tax: £22.00
Rock Ola single type Turntable Idler Wheel
Turntable Idler Wheel 'Single' Type mainly for Rock Ola Models from 1455 til 1497 Not for models with Automix. axle size 5.4mm   Also fitted to some models of Capri and Rhapsody
Ex Tax: £22.00
Turntable Idler Wheel Rubber Tyre ONLY - 1455 til 1497
Turntable Idler Wheel Rubber Tyre ONLY Rock Ola Models from 1455 til 1497
Ex Tax: £5.80
Patterned Side Decals 1455
Patterned Side Decals for Rockola Model 1455
Ex Tax: £60.00
BIG BLACK MICROSWITCHES (upgraded) AMI stopping switch also used in Rock-Ola and others
These are an upgraded version of those I used to sell. Always seeking improvement and although these cost more they have a longer mechanical life up to 20000000 cycles at 95% survival. We were finding the cheaper switches are starting to fail particularly on AMI when used as stopping switches.  - BIG BLACK MICROSWITCHES = as used by AMI as there mechanism stopping switch AND by Rock Ola on there earlier machines Cam switch cluster AND in various models of 78 rpm machines. N.B. Always need replacing if not already replaced.
Ex Tax: £18.00

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