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Parts for Wurlitzer 1700 / 1800

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Wurlitzer model 1800 Pilaster
Wurlitzer model 1800 Pilaster  Sold as single items - NOT a Pair
Ex Tax: £40.00
Black Loudspeaker Grill Cloth large piece
Loudspeaker Grill Cloth - Black - Acoustically transparent - Stretchable - APPROXIMATE Dimensions : 1.8m x 1.0m  
Ex Tax: £21.00
Cobra Decal (new type)
Cobra Decal (NOT waterslide, this is a very thin vinyl sticker - beautiful ) found in all Wurlitzers that use the 'Cobra' needle sound system. Usually on the mechanism cover. This one will not break up with time !
Ex Tax: £10.00
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Rubber Cushion for top curved windows
Rubber Cushion for top curved windows of Model 1800  Price is a pair (one machines Worth)
Ex Tax: £16.50
Wurlitzer model 1800 Coloured Light Shield for inside pilasters
A Pair of Coloured Light Shields for inside pilasters "Exploding firework' pattern as original Model 1800 only Note these will need trimming depending on the type of outer pilaster fitted. The reverse side can be easily scratched so you must pay attention when handling. Particular areas that scratch are the 'nip' point around the base where the metal 'shoe' fits - I suggest that the edge of the metal shoe is lined with pvc tape to cloak the metal from direct contact with the printed surface. Another important point after fitting is to be EXTRA careful when inserting the lighting bars inside the pilasters as lack of care will mean a scratch down the inside of the plastic !!
Ex Tax: £80.00
Actuating cable for stylus cleaning brush mechanism
Actuating cable for stylus cleaning brush mechanism on Wurlitzer models 1700 - 3300
Ex Tax: £7.00
Wurlitzer Mechanism Support Springs x4 conical springs that support the whole mechanism 
Ex Tax: £32.00
Turntable Motor Mount (upper) Wurlitzer
Most models of Wurlitzer vertical play turntable motors need two of these mounts
Ex Tax: £2.50
WURLITZER Back Door Decal
Back Door Decal WURLITZER - normal colour black but also available in white - Specify white (if required) in your order notes or send me an e mail
Ex Tax: £8.00
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet (lower)
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet, two needed Also used to mount the fluorescent ballast lighting box in 50's Wurlitzers - four needed
Ex Tax: £2.00

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