KD200 / L100 / 101

Parts for Seeburg models KD 100, L 100 and the 101

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Pricing Card for Drum (EPs)
Seeburg models V200 VL200 KD200 Drum Pricing Card (pointing to the Right) for EPs
Ex Tax: £2.30
Letter and Number Strips for Drum
 Letter and Number Strips for Drum Seeburg V200 VL200 KD200 printed on plastic
Ex Tax: £25.00
Keyboard Lens Set
Seeburg V200 VL200 KD200 Keyboard Lens Set above drum pushbuttons Set of 5.
Ex Tax: £35.00
Contact The jukebox man with your specific requirements as prices do fluctuate as does the actual stock. Thermionic valves, in the USA called Tubes, in the UK just Valves and often in Europe called Lamps !
Ex Tax: £0.00
Plastic Red Arrow Pushbuttons to operate Title Drum
A Set of five plastic red with arrow pushbuttons to operate Seeburg models V200, VL200, KD200 Title Drum .
Ex Tax: £50.00
Left Hand Instruction Glass on Keyboardof the model KD200
Ex Tax: £19.00
Right Hand Instruction Glass on Keyboard of the model KD200
Ex Tax: £19.00
Letters and Numbers record magazine and popularity meter
Letters and Numbers record magazine and popularity meter models KD200 up to and including model 222
Ex Tax: £6.50
(Stylus) Needle cleaning brush most jukeboxes
Stylus (Needle) cleaning brush, fitted to most jukeboxes some how. Essential to keep the record dirt off your needle and so prolonging the playing life
Ex Tax: £5.20
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Seeburg Back Door instruction Decal Set
Seeburg Back Door instructions -  Waterslide Decal Set   Models KD200 / 161 / 201 / 220 / 222 / L100 / 101
Ex Tax: £9.00

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