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524rcs stylus fits small metal covered ceramic pick up
The pick up cartridge, silver metal colour, that this fits was popular a few years ago, it originally came with a red plastic shorter needle - the one shown is an upgrade for the jukebox.
Ex Tax: £10.50
78rpm "set screw" type N4-3S
78rpm "set screw" type, sapphire, used in many types of 78 rpm machines
Ex Tax: £16.00
801 stylus
The 801 is the 'star wars fighter' stylus used in a japanese stereo cartridge that was popular a few years ago
Ex Tax: £10.00
Astatic N50/51 stylus only
Astatic N50/51 originally used in a few later American Wurlitzers until the 1050
Ex Tax: £9.50
Jupiter / Bergman stylus
Both Bergmann and Jupiter used this needle in more than one of their models
Ex Tax: £9.00
NSM Early Gold type stylus
NSM replacemenr for models Fanfare, Serenade, Hit, Consul, others
Ex Tax: £22.00
NSM needle later type-sorry I can no longer supply as quality is unreliable
NSM stylus type:Ortofon black Models: City, Galaxy, Concert, Prestige
Ex Tax: £0.00
NSM replacement needle
NSM early type needle often in Model Serenade
Ex Tax: £12.50
NSM replacement Shure N17
NSM replacement Shure N17cm in models Prestige, Consul, Century, Hit, City, Festival
Ex Tax: £23.00
Pick up connectors for cartridges
Pick up connectors for cartridges - set of 4 - Ideal for connecting tone arm wires to your pick up (phono) cartridge. NEVER apply heat direct to pick ups always use a connector
Ex Tax: £4.00

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