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The Jukebox Man specialises in Wurlitzer - Seeburg - Rock-Ola and AMI vintage jukebox repairs - jukebox parts - valve amplifiers.

The Jukebox Man is Geoff Young now assisted by wife Valerie since 2020 and they have both been involved with repairing jukeboxes and amplifiers for over 40 years, having a web site on-line http://www.thejukeboxman.com since 1997 selling quality jukebox parts . 

In the early days Geoff had to source parts for his restorations from all over the world  and was often asked to source parts for other restorers. The end result over many years was that he became the source for quality parts with his legendary catalogue. This translated from a paper catalogue to web site in 1997 full of parts and good info. The Newsletter “Jukebox News” followed and Geoff kept that legendary well loved newsletter going for just over 12 years. ‘Old age’ and the pressure of work finally got to Geoff and he stopped the Jukebox News but carried on with repairs and restorations as usual. 

In recent years new legislation has arrived, and a shopping cart system was seen to be inevitable, as the innocent days of shopping on-line of the nineties became ever more security orientated. To keep The Jukebox Man going as a valued resource the shopping cart has been adopted and Geoff hopes that you find the experience beneficial. Selling parts worldwide takes up alot of time and the cart system does simplify that.

You can still phone your order through as always and Geoff or Val are still here to help you if possible. He is as active as ever dashing around the country repairing jukes in your own home - just phone and ask about a visit. Jukebox Workshop phone 01522 685500, Unit 11 The Business Centre, Whisby Way, Lincoln, LN6 3LQ 

Geoff uses the parts he sells in his repairs and restorations - he always tries to get the best quality.

Need anything you can’t find on the website, just ask, because It  could be available .

Visits by appointment - to make sure that I am available.

Payment with order only.

Glass may be available, but buyer must collect or it can be fitted in your home : the cost is rather high and so if possible you might like to claim for the breakage on your house insurance

Online payments are secure and processed with Visa or MasterCard and so your details are kept secure by Worldpay.


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