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78rpm "set screw" type N4-3S
78rpm "set screw" type, sapphire, used in many types of 78 rpm machines.  Held in by a screw in the end of the arm/pick up
Ex Tax: £16.00
Mono Redhead needle-NEW high quality version
 Seeburg MONO REDHEAD cartridge models : B /C/ G/ W/ R/ J/ V/ VL/ L/ 101/ 161/ 201/ , stereo compatible. Price is per needle.. NEW High Quality - no loss of volume , best ever !!!
Ex Tax: £38.00
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Mono Blackhead Needle
 seeburg needle of the seeburg mono 'blackhead' cartridge 45 rpm used in models B/C/G/W 
Ex Tax: £15.00
Astatic 45rpm (51-1)
Astatic needles - 45rpm (the bent pin) 0.7mil
Ex Tax: £18.00
Seeburg T-Shaped stereo needle
Needles for the RED and Grey Seeburg stereo cartridge, originally fitted in models 220/222/Q/AY/DS/LPC/U100/PFEAU1/APFEA1 and up  ALSO often retro fitted to earlier models usually from the KD200 onwards like the 201/161 instead of the mono red heads. ALL NEW PRODUCTION ... Appearance may vary.... price is per needle. Note !   Most 'problems' encountered are due to stylus pressure and tone arm counterbalance set up. Of course the amplifier has to be in good working condition. Note: The needles are manufactured for a tone arm weight of 5 g. If the pressure is more than 5 gram sound distortion can occur.
Ex Tax: £35.00
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Astatic 51-3 needle
Astatic needles for original 78s 51-3 (3 mil)
Ex Tax: £20.00
Needle for models "Stereo Showcase" and onwards Also used in earlier models
Needle for SEEBURG models from Stereo Showcase and up.SS160, ESS160,S100, ES100,LS1, ELS1 , LS2, ELS2, LS3, ELS3,SE100, ESE100,USC1, EUSC1 (Bandshell), USC2, EUSC2 (Firestar) SX100, ESX100 (Marauder), SL100, ESL100, (Carnival),SPS160, ESPS160,FC1, EFC1 (Regency), FC2, EFC2 (Hutch),SPS2, ESPS2 (Matador),STD160, ESTD160 (Vogue II),SQS160, ESQS160 (Quadrophonic),SB100, ESB100 (Magnastar),STD2, ESTD2 (Entertainer), STD3, ESTD3 (Sunstar), STD4, ESTD4 (Mardi-Gras),100-77D, E100-77D (Topaz), 100-78D, E100-78D (Celestia), E100-79M (Da Vinci),SMC1, ESMC1 (Disco), SMC2, ESMC2 (Phoenix) und SMC3, ESMC3 (Prelude) Used in some Sound Leisure Machines.Sound Leisure :Micro,Nostalgia II,Regency,Hideaway,Romance,Broadway,Gazelle,Colonial   0.7 mil Diamond tipped tracking pressure 1-3 grams, exact replacement for all previous colors and parts numbers...................
Ex Tax: £15.00
Astatic N8-1 (3 mil)
700-S3 .... 78 RPM 3 mil Sapphire needle for original 78s as used in the Astatic N8-1 (the latest substitute pick up cartridge for machines playing 78s)
Ex Tax: £12.00
Seeburg replacement Thorpe stylus
This stylus was fitted to a replacement pick up known as the Thorpe replacement in Seeburg models B - 201 The pick up is no longer available but the needles are. The pick up is easy to recognise at it has a grey bullet shaped 'nose'. Once fitted the stylus flag that sticks out can be snipped off.
Ex Tax: £12.50
Needle cleaning brush most jukeboxes
Stylus (Needle) cleaning brush, fitted to most jukeboxes some how. Essential to keep the record dirt off your needle and so prolonging the playing life
Ex Tax: £5.83
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