Seeburg T-Shaped stereo needle - (out of Stock)

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Seeburg T-Shaped stereo needle - (out of Stock)

Price: £39.60
Ex Tax: £33.00

Needles for the RED and Grey Seeburg stereo cartridge, originally fitted in models 220/222/Q/AY/DS/LPC/U100/PFEAU1/APFEA1 and up 

ALSO often retro fitted to earlier models usually from the KD200 onwards like the 201/161 instead of the mono red heads.

ALL NEW PRODUCTION ... Appearance may vary.... price is per needle.

Due to mishandling by some people these are not accepted as a return. Once the seal is broken.

Most 'problems' encountered are due to stylus pressure and tone arm counterbalance set up.

Of course the amplifier has to be in good working condition.

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