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Cobra Cable for Mono Wurlitzer models
Cobra Screened Cable for Mono Wurlitzer model - used from the top arch down to the amplifier Price is per metre
Ex Tax: £3.00
Cobra Decal
Cobra Decal (waterslide) found in all Wurlitzers that use the 'Cobra' needle sound system. Usually on the mechanism cover. 
Ex Tax: £5.00
Turntable Motor Mount (upper) Wurlitzer
Most models of Wurlitzer vertical play turntable motors need two of these mounts
Ex Tax: £2.50
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet (lower)
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet, two needed Also used to mount the fluorescent ballast lighting box in 50's Wurlitzers - four needed
Ex Tax: £2.00
End of Record Trip Switch AMI and some Wurlitzer non rotary type (these work)
A very light action End of Record Trip Switch. Suitable for AMI from G200 - Continental and some sixties American Wurlitzers (not German types) Note Actuating wire is too long and will need cutting to length required.
Ex Tax: £14.50
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Button Microswitch
Button Microswitch used by many manufacturers
Ex Tax: £4.00
Heavy Duty Microswitch
Heavy Duty Microswitch used in Wurlitzer mechanisms, fifties onwards, in various positions including selection reverse (not German types)
Ex Tax: £12.00
Lever Microswitch
Lever Microswitch used by many - Note - not suitable for end of record switch
Ex Tax: £4.00
BIG BLACK MICROSWITCHES (upgraded) AMI stopping switch also used in Rock-Ola and others
These are an upgraded version of those I used to sell. Always seeking improvement and although these cost more they have a longer mechanical life up to 20000000 cycles at 95% survival. We were finding the older cheaper switches are starting to fail particularly on AMI when used as stopping switches . Honeywell BZ-2R.  - BIG BLACK MICROSWITCHES = as used by AMI as there mechanism stopping switch AND by Rock Ola on there earlier machines Cam switch cluster AND in various models of 78 rpm machines. N.B. Always need replacing if not already replaced.
Ex Tax: £16.00
Roller Microswitch
Roller Microswitch used by many BUT crucially used by Rock Ola in the 1960s/1970s etc models on the CAM cluster . Essential to replace these days and this one has the same size terminal as the originals.
Ex Tax: £4.00

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