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Large centre Hole Cutter fo 45 RPM vinyl  "Record Dinker " Complete.
Record Dinker - Large centre Hole Cutter to convert UK style 45 rpm vinyl with small hole centres to Large hole centres used by most jukeboxes. Complete with instructions - nothing else to buy ! The Jukebox Man has been Selling them for over 30 years. Consisting of two parts connected by a threaded bolt. The action is simple -put the bolt through the centre of the record with one half of the cutter on one side of the disc and screw on the other half from the other side..easy - See feature on main website at Another "tip" from a customer - it worked for him - The "dinker" worked great! Excellent product. I did use a cordless drill to drill out the center hole for the cutter and that made the whole job very easy.  Note from jbm - Be careful if you use a drill as the hole must be centr
Ex Tax: £28.00
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Control Knob
Black bakelite body, white line marker,internal metal insert with grub screw.  size 33.4mm pointer.  6.4mm shaft hole for 1/4 inch shafts
Ex Tax: £0.55
Credit lamp for Upright play Wurlitzer Lyric
Screw thread 24v 1.2W credit lamp for Wurlitzer Lyric that play the record upright 1961 - 1969
Ex Tax: £0.75
General replacement lock 30mm
General replacement lock complete with 2 keys. Barrel length approx 1and1/8 inches (30mm)
Ex Tax: £6.00
JUKEBOX REPAIRS AND SERVICE for Wurlitzer - Seeburg - Ami - Rock Ola Hi, My name is Geoff Young I am the Sole Owner of The Jukebox Man, I sell reproduction parts for Wurlitzer, Ami, Seeburg and Rock-Ola jukeboxes I also repair machines and rebuild the amplifiers. With forty years of experience I now limit myself to Vintage jukes that would normally have valves in them, undertaking Home repairs all over the country and Workshop repairs for the more serious cases. Visits for home repairs are usually scheduled for weekends when most people are at home. Please note ALL London calls are at weekends. Customers also send their juke boxes to me by specialist courier as this can be more cost effective than a house call if at a considerable distance. Please telephone me to discuss your jukebox problems and repair requirements. Sometimes, with your help, t
Ex Tax: £0.00
Pick up connectors (gold plated) for cartridges
Pick up connectors for cartridges - set of 4 - Gold plated, easy soldering Ideal for connecting tone arm wires to your pick up (phono) cartridge. NEVER apply heat direct to pick ups always use a connector
Ex Tax: £4.80
Quality Oil
A quality product ideal for mechanism lubrication Tool and Instrument Oil Extra fine colourless lubricant Ensures thorough lubrication of close-fitted parts at high temperatures and below zero Provides a film over all areas requiring protection against rust
Ex Tax: £10.00
RCA phono plug, metal body gold contacts
Ex Tax: £6.00
USA style socket, chassis mount
Chassis mount 2 pin USA socket for jukeboxes To mount on AMI etc power supplys the existing hole will need to be enlarged slightly.
Ex Tax: £4.50
X10 - of Type 53 lamp (widely used in 1970s Rockola number displays)
Type 53 lamp (widely used in 1970s Rockola number displays) packet of 10
Ex Tax: £9.00

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