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Pushbutton Set Rock Ola Empress / Capri / Rhapsody
Pushbutton Set (Letters and Numbers) Empress and Capri / Rhapsody (Purple) High quality push buttons A - v , 1 -  0  Numbers  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0  Picture is incorrect as 10 is now a 0  
Ex Tax: £140.00
Pushbutton Set Rock Ola Regis
Pushbutton Set (Letters and Numbers ) for Rock Ola Regis 120 or 200 Selections (pink) Note number 10 shown in photo is now a number 0  High quality push buttons
Ex Tax: £140.00
Control Knob
Black bakelite body, white line marker,internal metal insert with grub screw.  size 33.4mm pointer.  6.4mm shaft hole for 1/4 inch shafts
Ex Tax: £0.55
Pushbutton set Rockola Capri  models 414/404
Pushbuttons for Rockola 404 and 414  A - K and 1 - 0 sold as a set only for 100 selections picture is incorrect as 10 is now 0
Ex Tax: £100.00
RCA phono plug, metal body gold contacts
Ex Tax: £6.00
Rock Ola Turntable ring mat models 1455 and upwards
Self adhesive ring mat in black, kind to your records
Ex Tax: £14.00
Tension spring for Rock Ola idler wheel
Ex Tax: £2.00
Turntable Motor Mount Grommets needed on ALL Rock Ola models Set of 3
Special Cone Shape Turntable Motor Mount Grommets three needed on ALL Rock Ola models -NOTE please fit with the cone shape facing up !! I have been informed that these grommets also fit a Thorens TD124 turntable. Also fit the AMI model A Price is per set of 3
Ex Tax: £3.00
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Upper Light Diffuser Regis/Empress
Upper Light Diffuser Rockola Models Regis and Empress
Ex Tax: £42.00
USA style socket, chassis mount
Chassis mount 2 pin USA socket for jukeboxes To mount on AMI etc power supplys the existing hole will need to be enlarged slightly.
Ex Tax: £4.50

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