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R Grill Light Ornament
R Grill Light Ornament for Rock Ola Princess model1493 - Ready to fit -
Ex Tax: £50.00
Internal Striped Background
Printed Plastic Internal Striped Background Rock Ola model 1493 Princess. 
Ex Tax: £20.00
 Keyboard Instruction Window Set
Keyboard Instruction Window Set for Rockola Princess 1493 and models 1484,403 wallmounts
Ex Tax: £20.00
Needle cleaning brush most jukeboxes
Stylus (Needle) cleaning brush, fitted to most jukeboxes some how. Essential to keep the record dirt off your needle and so prolonging the playing life
Ex Tax: £5.83
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Big Black MICROSWITCHES the AMI stopping switch also used in Rock-Ola and others Standard version
used by AMI as there mechanism stopping switch AND by Rock Ola on there earlier machines Cam switch cluster AND in various models of 78 rpm machines. N.B. Always need replacing if not already replaced.
Ex Tax: £11.00
USA 2 pin mains plug
USA 2 pin mains plug - ideal size/shape for ALL jukeboxes including the AMI power supply
Ex Tax: £3.00
Latch Bar Solenoid , Seeburg and Rock-Ola
Latch Bar Solenoid - suitable for Seeburg. These are Brand new equivalents and work very well. NOTE the end coupling on the T bar as not ALL models of Seeburg are like this but it is still usable.
Ex Tax: £65.00
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Record Basket Belt Rock Ola
Record Basket Belt for Rock Ola all models of Tempo 1 / Tempo 2 / Regis / Empress 1468, 1475 - Tempo 1 -120 or 200 1478, 1485 - Tempo 2  - 120 or 200 1488, 1495 - Regis - 120 or 200 1496, 1497 - Empress - 120 or 200 408 - Rhapsody 160. Capri Deluxe (NOVA)
Ex Tax: £22.00
Rubber Channel (Black) by the metre
Chunky Black Rubber Channel suits glass 5-6mm. Height  of sides 10mm - used to protect glass edges from chipping against the metal hood frames in jukeboxes like: AMi models H, I, J, K - Rockola Tempo 1, Tempo 2, Regis, Empress models. Useful for AMI top valence in H and I models -  if original gasket is missing Can be trimmed. Sold by the metre
Ex Tax: £4.80
Cable clip - 6.35 mm
Nylon cable clip, keeps your cables tidy in the jukebox for bundles up to 6.35mm
Ex Tax: £0.15

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