2150 and models onward

Parts fro Wurlitzer 2150 and models onward 

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Turntable Drive belt For Wurlitzer models 1700 - 2500
Turntable Drive belt For Wurlitzer models 1700 - 2500
Ex Tax: £5.00
Wurlitzer One More Time Drive belt for turntable. The original Wurlitzer part number is 0015010010 German Wurlitzer models 1975 and up:Lyric,Carillon,Atlanta 3D, Atlanta 200, Atlanta 160,Baltic, Baltic II, Baltic 3, Baltic 100, Baltic 4,Tarock, Tarock 2, Tarock 3E, Tarock 4E,Cabaret,Niagara, Niagara 2, Niagara 2E, Niagara 3, Niagara 3E, X2, X5, X7, X9, X200 electronic,Cabarina,Fuego,Baccarole,Silhouette, Teledisc  
Ex Tax: £10.00
Wurlitzer Cash Bag
Wurlitzer Cash Bag - printed with Wulritzer logo - most models from 1800 – 3200.
Ex Tax: £25.00
Wurlitzer RESET and SELECT buttons
Wurlitzer RESET and SELECT buttons for all 2400 series 2500 series 2600 series  Printed ready to fit
Ex Tax: £28.00
Cobra 45 rpm - No longer made
Cobra needle/pick up for Wurlitzers on 45 rpm -1100 /1250 /1400 /1500 /1550 /1600 /1700 /180 /1900 /2000 /2100 /2104 /2150 /2200 /204 /2250 /2300series mono /2400 series mono / Currently the Cobra is out of production. No other pick up is compatible. The only alternative is to convert the cobra system to a normal ceramic system.  To do this the arm has to be converted(modified) to be able to take the correct cartridge , the lead to the amp changed, and the input circuitry of the amplifier modified to accept the change. All this means a conversion in the workshop with some costs involved. Until the cobras are made again it is the only way forward but unfortunately the tone arm will not be able to accept a cobra again, so once converted the jukebox will have to stay like that.  
Ex Tax: £0.00
Control Knob
Black bakelite body, white line marker,internal metal insert with grub screw.  size 33.4mm pointer.  6.4mm shaft hole for 1/4 inch shafts
Ex Tax: £0.55
Credit lamp for Upright play Wurlitzer Lyric
Screw thread 24v 1.2W credit lamp for Wurlitzer Lyric that play the record upright 1961 - 1969
Ex Tax: £0.75
Pushbutton Set model 2300,2200,2310
Pushbutton Set for Wurlitzer model 2300 Also used for model 2200 AND 2310 (some buttons not used)
Ex Tax: £100.00
RCA phono plug, metal body gold contacts
Ex Tax: £6.00
USA style socket, chassis mount
Chassis mount 2 pin USA socket for jukeboxes To mount on AMI etc power supplys the existing hole will need to be enlarged slightly.
Ex Tax: £4.50

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