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Cobra Cable for Mono Wurlitzer models
Cobra Screened Cable for Mono Wurlitzer model - used from the top arch down to the amplifier Price is per metre
Ex Tax: £3.00
Black Loudspeaker Grill Cloth large piece
Loudspeaker Grill Cloth - Black - Acoustically transparent - Stretchable - APPROXIMATE Dimensions : 1.8m x 1.0m  
Ex Tax: £21.00
Cobra Decal (new type)
Cobra Decal (NOT waterslide, this is a very thin vinyl sticker - beautiful ) found in all Wurlitzers that use the 'Cobra' needle sound system. Usually on the mechanism cover. This one will not break up with time !
Ex Tax: £10.00
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End of Record Trip Switch AMI and some Wurlitzer non rotary type (these work)
A very light action End of Record Trip Switch. Suitable for AMI from G200 - Continental and some sixties American Wurlitzers (not German types) Note Actuating wire is too long and will need cutting to length required.
Ex Tax: £15.50
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Turntable Motor Mount (upper) Wurlitzer
Most models of Wurlitzer vertical play turntable motors need two of these mounts
Ex Tax: £2.50
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet (lower)
Turntable Motor Mount Grommet, two needed Also used to mount the fluorescent ballast lighting box in 50's Wurlitzers - four needed
Ex Tax: £2.00
Button Microswitch
Button Microswitch used by many manufacturers
Ex Tax: £5.50
Heavy Duty Microswitch
Heavy Duty Microswitch used in Wurlitzer mechanisms, fifties onwards, in various positions including selection reverse (not German types)
Ex Tax: £12.00
Lever Microswitch
Lever Microswitch used by many - Note - not suitable for end of record switch
Ex Tax: £5.50
Roller Microswitch
Roller Microswitch used by many BUT crucially used by Rock Ola in the 1960s/1970s etc models on the CAM cluster . Essential to replace these days and this one has the same size terminal as the originals.
Ex Tax: £4.00

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