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Shure M44c
The Shure M44c was used very succesfully by Ami, Rock Ola and Wurlitzer in a variety of models and when the cartridge was avaialble it was the pick up of choice to replace the older magnetic pick ups that had been fitted originally. Sadly the cartridges are no longer available but the needles are. Often used as a substitute to the original pu in Ami models G H, I, J, K, Continental - a very versatile pick up. Many models of Rock Ola use them as do some Wurlitzers but do not confuse the 44 with the 75 type - they look similar but are not the same. Originally fitted in Rock-Ola models 436, 437, 440, 442, 444, 446, 447, 448/449, 450/451, 452, 453/454, 456, 459/460, 461, 463/464, 467, 468, 469/470, 471, 473/474, 476, 477, 478, 480, 481, 484, 488, 490, 494, 496, Originally fitted in Rowe/AMI models MM-1, MM-2, CMM-1, MM-3, MM-4, CMM-4, MM-5, MM-6, RI-1, TI-1, CTI-1, T
Ex Tax: £15.00
Sonotone 8TA stylus
Replacement needle for Sonotone 8TA sometimes gold coloured sometimes black. Used in many stereo macines such as Wurlitzer 2300S, 2400S, 2500, 2600 series Oriignal pick up can be replaced with the BSR listed here
Ex Tax: £10.00
Sonotone 9TA Stylus
Replacement needle for Sonotone 9TA sometimes yellow coloured sometimes grey. U/sed in many stereo machines Wurlitzer 2700, 2800 ,2900 ,3100, series
Ex Tax: £10.00
BSR ST20/21 needle
Replacement stylus for BSR cartridge
Ex Tax: £10.00
Astatic 51-3 needle
Astatic needles for original 78s 51-3 (3 mil)
Ex Tax: £20.00
Needle for models "Stereo Showcase" and onwards Also used in earlier models OUT of STOCK
Needle for SEEBURG models from Stereo Showcase and up.SS160, ESS160,S100, ES100,LS1, ELS1 , LS2, ELS2, LS3, ELS3,SE100, ESE100,USC1, EUSC1 (Bandshell), USC2, EUSC2 (Firestar) SX100, ESX100 (Marauder), SL100, ESL100, (Carnival),SPS160, ESPS160,FC1, EFC1 (Regency), FC2, EFC2 (Hutch),SPS2, ESPS2 (Matador),STD160, ESTD160 (Vogue II),SQS160, ESQS160 (Quadrophonic),SB100, ESB100 (Magnastar),STD2, ESTD2 (Entertainer), STD3, ESTD3 (Sunstar), STD4, ESTD4 (Mardi-Gras),100-77D, E100-77D (Topaz), 100-78D, E100-78D (Celestia), E100-79M (Da Vinci),SMC1, ESMC1 (Disco), SMC2, ESMC2 (Phoenix) und SMC3, ESMC3 (Prelude) Used in some Sound Leisure Machines. Sound Leisure :Micro,Nostalgia II,Regency,Hideaway,Romance,Broadway,Gazelle,Colonial  .7 mil Diamond tipped tracking pressure 1-3 grams, exact replacement for all previous colors and parts numbers Note also us
Ex Tax: £0.00
Astatic N8-1 (3 mil)
700-S3 .... 78 RPM 3 mil Sapphire needle for original 78s as used in the Astatic N8-1 (the latest substitute pick up cartridge for machines playing 78s)
Ex Tax: £12.00
Astatic N8-7 (700-D7) 0.7mil 45 rpm
Astatic N8-7 (700-D7) 0.7mil DIAMOND 45 rpm version of the '78' needle
Ex Tax: £10.00
Dual stylus
Dual stylus often fitted in restored Rock OLa Tempo, Empres, Regis or those with ceramic type pick ups often originating from Holland
Ex Tax: £11.00
general replacement ceramic cartridge. Wurlitzer, Rockola to replace Astatic, Elac, Sonotone etc makes
Replacement Ceramic Phongraph Cartridge (pick up) Can be used in many models of Wurlitzer and Rock Ola. Sturdy construction makes it an ideal jukebox replacement  NEVER solder direct on to the pins of the cartridge ALWAYS use push on tags or you will destroy the frequency response 
Ex Tax: £25.00
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