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Stylus for japanese ceramic pick up cartridge
This RED all plastic needle has appeared in some jukeboxes like Rock Ola and Wurlitzer. It has no manufacturers name . This Low quality pick up can be improved by replacing the Whole thing with a better quality ceramic type NOTE Colour may vary red or grey
Ex Tax: £10.00
Philips type was used in many German Wurlitzers
Philips stylus originally used in Deutsche Wurlitzer jukeboxes 1973 to 1979
Ex Tax: £10.00
 Needle for Pfanstiehl P-132D - Phanstiel originals now available
 Needle for Pfanstiehl P-132D often found in jukeboxes that take a ceramic type pick-up (all makes) NOTE that BOTH tips for 45 rpm - Orange 0.7 mil diamond and other side 0.7 mil sapphire -    
Ex Tax: £12.00
Seeburg replacement Thorpe stylus - OPUT of STOCK -
This stylus was fitted to a replacement pick up known as the Thorpe replacement in Seeburg models B - 201 The pick up is no longer available but the needles are. The pick up is easy to recognise at it has a grey bullet shaped 'nose'. Once fitted the stylus flag that sticks out can be snipped off.
Ex Tax: £0.00
Shure N3D - OUT of STOCK -
Shure N3D to fit the Shure M3D original pick up. Originally used as a magnetic cartridge replacement often seen fitted in Ami models H/I/J/K and Continentals. The pick up cartridges are no longer available. If you have one they are well worth cherishing as they produce a rich sound in an Ami and are quite robust 
Ex Tax: £0.00
Shure M77 Needle N77 (out of Stock)
Shure M77 (N77) as used as later replacement in many Ami and Rock Ola jukeboxes. Cartridge not available
Ex Tax: £0.00
Magnetic pick up complete
Super robust replacement pick up cartridge for Ami, Rockola, Wurlitzer. Matches the valve amplifiers in the earlier models of machines as well as later types. good prooven record of reliability and High Fidelity. The Mono version of Rockola Tempo 1 used magnetic type p.u. As did AMi  in the fifties Conversion of stereo pick up to mono is easy using the push on tags listed.  NEVER solder direct on to the pins of the cartridge ALWAYS use push on tags or you will destroy the frequency response 
Ex Tax: £45.00
Replacement needle for the pink Cartridge
Replacement stylus for the pink cartridge in this listing. Super quality !
Ex Tax: £18.00
Stanton 500 AL replacement stylus
Stanton 500AL stylus often fitted to some AMi jukeboxes as a  replacement - Needle only -
Ex Tax: £20.00
UPGRADED replacement stylus for Stanton N400 - Needle only
Picture shows a Stanton 400 pick up often fitted in AMi jukeboxes. You can upgrade your original cartridge.  One shows the original black needle fitted and the other pic shows the new version . The type 400 black styli are no longer available buy the new and superior quality orange version
Ex Tax: £35.00

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