Large centre Hole Cutter fo 45 RPM vinyl "Record Dinker " Complete.

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Large centre Hole Cutter fo 45 RPM vinyl  "Record Dinker " Complete.

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Record Dinker - Large centre Hole Cutter to convert UK style 45 rpm vinyl with small hole centres to Large hole centres used by most jukeboxes.

Complete with instructions - nothing else to buy ! The Jukebox Man has been Selling them for over 30 years.

Consisting of two parts connected by a threaded bolt.

The action is simple -put the bolt through the centre of the record

with one half of the cutter on one side of the disc and

screw on the other half from the other side..easy - See feature on main website at

Another "tip" from a customer - it worked for him - The "dinker" worked great! Excellent product. I did use a cordless drill to drill out the center hole for the cutter and that made the whole job very easy. 

Note from jbm - Be careful if you use a drill as the hole must be central !!

ANOTHER NOTE : Be Aware that records without a paper label ie printed direct on to the plastic, may get damaged due to the brittle nature of their plastic.

Returns are not accepted for this item without a re-stocking charge and subject to inspection.

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